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I am a cloth diapering, breastfeeding, cosleeping, baby led weaning, extended rear facing, eco conscious, married mommy to two beautiful children. They have changed my view on the world we live in. It is now my number 1 goal to make it the best I can for them to grow up in. I find myself always rethinking how I want to live my life and often feel like sharing my findings and thoughts with others. So I guess here's my chance :o) I will talk about topics that interest me. If you dont like them or dont agree, well... there's nothing much I can do!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Operation fall asleep night 3

So here I am, past 9pm and I have not sat on her bed once. I am in a big wicker basket chair next to her bed. This chair is awesome! May need to steal it for living room. I can actually lay back and be comfy. This belly is seriously starting to get in the way.

She has told me many times "good night". It would be so easy to just get up and walk out of her room just to see how she'd react but I don't want to set her off.

Oh my! 930 and she is asleep!! Yay!! I love her!

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