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Monday, October 1, 2012

Operation fall asleep - Night 2

So here we are. Just waiting for her to finally be tired enough to fall asleep. About a year ago, bedtime was sometimes a 2 hour ordeal. And that was lights out with her in bed! She was just never falling asleep before 930-10 o'clock. Instead of starting at 7-730 and losing all my "me time", we just started bedtime later. Didn't change anything in her sleep time so we kept it like that. If we have success with her falling asleep on her own, then we can always try inching up her bedtime by a bit. But for now, I'm only tackling one obstacle.

Last night, she tossed and turned in her bed and eventually fell asleep with me rubbing her back and belly at 1010pm. She also had an absolutely crummy sleep. Woke up at 230am crying and then thrashed about in our bed until morning. I had to force her to cuddle with me hoping that her body would relaxe and stop moving.

- Tonight, we did our little routine of bathroom then reading, lights were out at 9 and she has been very calm. She is just laying there, drinking her sippy and eating some little crackers she found. She is also reading some books to herself. Sippy and books are hopefully what will keep her distracted from me and allow her to fall asleep.

- 930 and she desperately wants to hold my hand. I'm not giving in. She is just holding my arm instead. Oooh! Big yawn!

-948 and she is all curled up sideways. I'm pretty sure she is asleep but I will still wait a minute just to be sure.

-950 and I am walking out of her room. 20 minutes earlier than last night!

Bringing in a chair to sit in next to her bed for tomorrow night. Fingers crossed she stays calm like tonight.

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