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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

DIY children's easel

Over a year ago, when we were taking apart Abigail's crib, part or the railing broke so we knew we could not use it for any future babies. Most people would have thrown all the pieces out.we were very close to doing the same but then I saw a picture of somebody who converted an old crib into a desk. Seriously thought about that but then decided to think of something else since the desk would take up a lot of room that we don't really have.

This past summer, I used the railings in the garden. Perfect for my cucumbers to climb.
But then we were stuck with the sides and bottom part. I really didn't see a use for the bottom part but definitely thought of one for the sides! Instead of spending $$ on an easel that may or may not be used, we could just repurpose our crib parts and make our own!
Here is what we did.

1 - We squared them off.

2 - We attached 2 hinges
 at the top. 

3 - We attached hooks on the side
to keep in sturdy

4 - Attach a small shelf
5 - Paint any cut parts
6 - Decorate!

Voila! Super easy. Only took an hour or so all together to put it together! And she loves it! And all we paid for were a couple of hooks, hinges and stickers!

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