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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Last day teaching!

Today was my last day teaching the kids! Other than the odd day after the holidays to work with the teacher replacing me, I am officially on maternity leave now. Using up sick days until baby is born. If it were any other time of the year, I would have gone on sick leave earlier. This cold has really been kicking my arse. Teaching all day is absolutely exhausting. No wonder I haven't been able to kick this thing. Hopefully now, I can rest at home during the day, nap when I feel the need to, and finish the couple Christmas gifts left to do. Next week, we can start our bedroom renovations and then finally start getting things ready for baby.

Although it was ugly Christmas sweater day at school, I decided to actually get relatively dressed up. It was great because I actually was told I looked pretty today by my husband, students and coworkers. Great way to end the school year!

Quick pregnancy update (33 weeks 4 days). Weight gain is still great, blood pressure still has tons of wiggle room, and after Sunday night's mega painful movements, 2 doctors have said they think baby is head down! Woohoo!

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