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Friday, January 4, 2013

Officially 1 month away!

So we are officially 1 month away from our estimated due date! And I am celebrating by enjoying my first official day on maternity leave. Abigail was off spending the night with her grandparents so I got to sleep in, enjoy a coffee that was still nice and hot, and got to sit back and watch tv. I also finally got around to prepping our newborn prefold diapers. Here are some details of the past couple weeks.

Home renovations : I have been wanting to replace the flooring in our bedrooms for a couple years now. I have even put off getting anything ready in the baby's room knowing full well that we would hopefully be pulling everything out to redo the floors. Well, Boxing Day sales came around and we bought our new flooring. We sent Abigail off to my parents for 2 days and a night and we finally got both her room and the nursery done! The floors look great! Now I have no problem with baby sleeping on a floor bed because the yucky dusty carpet is gone! We even got around to doing the floors in the master bedroom. So happy with it.

Nursery : It is finally coming together. We don't plan on actually using it all that much for the first several months but it is still nice to get things put together. Newborn clothes to 6 months have been washed and are put away in the dresser. The first drawer is full of diapers. We decided to get rid of the changing table and just put a pad atop the dresser to save a bit of space in the room. Although baby will sleep in our room, we still like to do diaper changes in there because it allows us to wake up a bit more and make less of a mess. We still have Abigail's toddler bed set up. That will be taken apart and the crib mattress will simply be put on the ground. We are going to try out a floor bed earlier on this time. We went to a floor bed at 15 months with Abigail. We figure we would try it earlier this time since our crib actually broke when we took it apart.

Hospital bag : I am slowly getting things washed up and ready for the hospital. Didn't really have a bag ready last time since we were surprisingly induced at 38 weeks. I don't plan on spending very much time there this time around but it would still be nice to have a couple things to make my little time there as comfortable as possible.

Birth plan and pregnancy update : I had a great prenatal visit yesterday. My blood pressure is actually lower than it was 2 weeks ago and I put on a whole whopping 2 pounds over the holidays! Baby is still head down. One doctor (and coworkers) actually believes that baby has even dropped. This makes total sense to me because I am feeling more and more down below. I think it is dancing with its hands above its head. Lol. My doctor and I went over our birth plan and there was not a single thing she wanted to change! We are simply going to proceed as if this is a normal natural child birth. (I will share my birth plan later)

Still to do : There are still some things I have to do before baby arrives.
- I need to pack my hospital bag.
- Get the bassinet set up
- Do more laundry
- Put away Abigail's diapers since she NO LONGER NEEDS THEM!! (Woohoo!)
- Finish crocheting the new baby blanket
- Put together Abigail's New Baby gift.
- Set up new baby items in the living room
- ... I'm sure there are more!

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