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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The end of the 2nd trimester

This pregnancy has gone by so fast. End of my 2nd trimester already. We are getting into the home stretch now. 8 weeks left of work. I'm certain it will go by very quickly seeing as there are still plenty of big projects to get done before baby arrives.

I put on 5 lbs in the past 4 weeks! So that means I am officially up 10lbs in total (15 from my lowest weight. Could be attributed to the fact that I notice myself eating more throughout the day. My blood pressure is still nice and low (115/60). I passed my 1hr glucose test, my haemoglobin looks great and I did not get my flu shot today.

I did have an important conversation with my doctor this morning. I essentially asked her if we would ever get to a point where us disagreeing on something would become too much. I started off by saying that we both really like her and would love to stay with her but that I was worried (wanted to start with positive). She knows that I strongly believe on having an absolutely natural, intervention free birth as long as both baby and I are completely healthy. If one of us become distressed, I do not mind interventions at that point. Because of this, and as long as we are both healthy, she said she doesn't mind to agree to disagree (such as with the flu shot today) as long as I understand the risk in going with/against something. She even said she had no problem with me not being induced for "lateness" as long as an OB agrees that all is still good. If we do come to a time where she feels she can no longer "take care of me", she says she will help me find someone else. Hopefully it doesn't come to that.

Keegan no longer has any deployments scheduled until the new year (as long as the Canadian Navy doesn't send any troops down to help with Hurricane Sandy devastation) so we can now get started on our home renovation projects. This weekend, we will be going out to stores to check out new flooring for both basement and bedrooms. We will be starting with the bedrooms first. Once those are done, I can finally finish Abigail's new big sister room and then get started on the baby's room.

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