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Monday, October 22, 2012

20 chore Tuesday - Gonna try to be busy!

So Keegan is sailing for the week. The last sailing trip scheduled until the new year. It will give me a week to continue the purge for the Give500 Challenge and also to continue our work towards Abigail being able to fall asleep by herself. Here it goes

1. Be up and out of bed by 6am
2. Make eggs for breakfast
3. Take out meal for supper
4. Be out of the house before 7am
5. 1 hour glucose tolerance test (YAY!!)
6. Get back to work before 9am
7. Hopefully get another preparation time during 1st period
8. Drink 1 litre of water
9. Publish this post
10. Publish 25 week pregnancy post
11. Create Scholastic shopping list.
12. Purchase graph for white board
13. Mark gr 9 quizzes
14. Create work booklet for student
15. Put away Abigail's clothes
16. Put away dishes
17. Put on load of laundry
18. Meal plan for the week
19. Tidy up living room and kitchen before supper.
20. Leave Abigail's bedroom at lights out again.

Oh I hope I get it all!!

20 chore tuesday

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