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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Marathon Training - A week of Personal Bests!

We are now in week 11 of our 18 week program. Last week, we got over 5 feet of snow in 3 separate storms and a couple training runs were cancelled. Finding safe roads to run on has been tough all season but hopefully now that it's spring, the roads will become safe again.

My last 3 runs have been absolutely epic!

Sunday - Longest. Run. Ever. 
It was supposed to rain the night before. We were hoping that the weather would have cleared up by the time we were to hit the roads but we woke up to this:

Being sick of running in snow, we decided to hit the indoor track instead. Many people have trained on tracks and treadmills this winter but I managed to stay outdoors. This was hopefully my one and only time. Around a 130 laps and 3 1/2 hours later, I ran my longest distance ever. It was quite the mental exercise since going around and around in circles that many times is definitely not for everybody. I stuck through it and finished strong with these guys.

I love my pace group!

Tempo Tuesday
I have been skipping this workout all season because the kids had their swimming lessons. Now that those are over and that the sun was shinning, I decided to find a small section of straight road with very little traffic and ran a couple back and forths. It felt great. Then this happened.

Wednesday Hills - 7x600m
Still on my runner's high from the day before, I decided I was going to tackle the hills. I stuck with my pace buddy since he was definitely pushing me. The 2nd last hill sucked. It was tough but the last one felt absolutely great and was our fastest. When we got down to the end, my Garmin was showing 9.6km and almost 56 minutes. I couldn't just stop there so we finished off for an even 10k since I knew I was oh so close to this:

It's amazing when you can clearly see definite improvement in your running. And with 7 weeks still to go, I'm eager to see how many more Personal Bests I will have! I also have another 7 weeks to try to attain my fundraising goal of 1000$ towards the Colorectal Cancer Association of Canada. Cancer is something our family is fighting everyday. I am 8% of my way there. Will you help me?


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  1. Wow, great job on getting your winter training runs in outside as much as possible! I definitely hit up the treadmill far more often than I had wished for this mararthon. Congrats on your fastest 5 AND 10ks!!!!