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Monday, January 26, 2015

Marathon training week 2 recap

So that cold that developed last week? Yeah. Well thanks to it I have spent the whole week resting. My voice was gone the majority of the week. Coughing led to a major lack of sleep for a couple days. It felt weird not training but I know I benefited from the week off.

Since I had plenty of extra time on my hands, it gave me the chance to tackle other areas of my journey that needed work: nutrition. The kids keep me busy during the day. I can easily eat very little in the run of a day. I know this can't happen if I want to take this training seriously. I need fuel. So meal planning it is! I roughly plan out a month's worth f meals to ensure some variety from week to week. Then every weekend, I plan out the week in more detail. At this point, I only have suppers figured out. Eventually, I'd like to figure out some sort of plan for lunches as well. As the weeks progress, I may even look into seeing a nutritionist.
Month and weekly planners on fridge for meal planning

So Day 1 - Long Run Day. 
Today was 13km! I may have to change the way I tackle these runs. My plan is to run as much of the marathon as possible but for now, I will stick with the "run 10 minutes walk 1 minute" plan encouraged by the Running Room. I stuck with the lead pace group today. The run felt great! I didn't know how I'd feel about running with a group since I'm not a huge talker when I run but it was awesome. Lots of encouragement. Lots of laughs. We ran at a consistent pace the for the first 11km and finished strong.

My goal time is anywhere between 4 and 4:15 hours. Putting it in writing makes it official ;)


  1. Hey, it's Heather from girl goes running! I totally didn't realize you were a blogger as well! I am really curious what marathon you were training for? Hope to see you on the roads and good luck with your training :-)

    1. Hey! I have been writing for a while but as you could probably tell, I haven't been sticking to it recently. Tough to find time. Just 7 weeks away from Bluenose!