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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Marathon training - Week 1 recap

It's hard to believe that I'm actually doing this. I signed up for my very first marathon and joined a training group. I love that I have finally found something that I truly enjoy and that is great for taking care of myself. Sometimes as parents, we have a terrible hard to time doing things for ourselves. Well I have no problem being selfish for once. :)

Day 1 (Sunday)
Training started off with a 11km run on my birthday. We were supposed to do 10 but since it was the 11th, I decided to add another one in there for good measure. It was the beginning of what was shaping up to be a crazy week (ballet, basketball and swimming for Abigail and Zachary and lots of running for me) but I was glad to kick it off in a great way.

Supposed to be Day 2 (T)
I skipped my very first scheduled training day. Trying to fit in my runs with evening activities for the kids will surely be difficult as the weeks progress. But since I ran regularly leading up to this week, skipping this workout wasn't going to affect my progress.

Day 2 (W)
10km tempo run with run club! I'd say there was probably 50 of us out running the snowy streets that evening. Our city is notorious for doing a horrible job at clearing to snow so there were a couple times where we had to almost stop running altogether to let impatient drivers by. I was unsure what pace to run at and since I didn't really know anybody, I just went with a pace that I was comfortable with.

Day 3 (Th)
Clinic day! It was great to meet everyone. We are a large training group (around 25!) and everyone is essentially training for one of 3 marathons being held in May. Lots of experience and there are a few of us newbies. We then went out for a 6km tempo run. As much as I enjoy running alone (it lets me clear my mind), I'm enjoying running with a group. Tons of encouragement.

Supposed to be day 4 (S)
I came down with a cold mid week. Forcing myself to skip more runs in return for more time to rest. But I did finally register for the Bluenose Marathon!

Day 4 (Sunday)
Long run day. Decided to skip running with the group in the cold morning and went in the much warmer afternoon with a group member. She couldn't make it in the morning either so meeting up in the afternoon for a 10km run worked out perfectly!

Still waiting for the Colorectal Cancer Association of Canada to be listed as an official charity for the Bluenose Charity Challenge. I'm eager to start raising funds!


  1. you inspire me.... i want to run a marathon someday.....