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Saturday, February 8, 2014

The next 2 months

Here we are, getting ready for yet another deployment. Who knew that I would become so accustomed to them. There really isn't any planning for them anymore. But this upcoming one is a bit different. Each time Keegan goes away, I normally spend a good amount of time with my parents. We have family meals a couple times a week. They would often take the kids for a bit so I could have a break. But this time, they are not around. They are actually gone away on vacation for the same exact 2 months!

There are a couple things I have had to do this time to prepare. Since now 99% of our meals will be had at home, I needed to stock pile our freezer with meat. We picked up a freezer box today that has tons of local chicken, beef and pork. And they wrapped it all individually so it will be easy to just use what we need to feed the kids and myself. I am also going to try meal planning for the month again. Since I will only have to regularly pick up milk, eggs and produce, our grocery budget should be quite small.

I am also continuing the quest to purge items in my house in order to make it our home. I would love to have that cozy feeling when I'm here and we are slowly getting there. With the help of So Damn Domestic, I am getting into the habit of doing small things daily. No more huge "20 chore Tuesday" since I was never really successful at completing the long lists of tasks. We have already made huge progress in purging out clothes as well  going through all the papers in the house, I'm just going to keep the ball going.

I'm hoping that by the time Keegan comes home, the house will be much different. I hope he likes it!

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