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Monday, November 26, 2012

30 weeks!!!

It seemed like it was just yesterday that I started keeping track of fertility symptoms. Fast forward 15 months later and here I am, already 30 weeks pregnant.

I officially enjoy eating now. I am now up 20lbs from my lowest weight. That means 10 lbs in the last 3 weeks alone! Because of the sudden weight gain, I now have my first official stretch marks from this pregnancy. Ah well. It also means that my maternity pants fit a lot better as well. More belly, butt and boobs!

Little baby also had its first set of hiccups today. Felt kinda odd at first but then once I realized what they were, made complete sense! I have been seeing a chiropractor for the last week. Weird hip pain that plagued me 6 years ago started to come back so I wanted to make sure it didn't get too bad. Turns out I have very tight ligaments that are preventing my pelvis from opening up as it should. Even all the ligament softening hormones running through my system aren't helping. Regular chiropractor and massage therapy appointments for me now to help keep everything nice and loose and keep hip pain away.

Keegan and I attended a yoga labour workshop this past weekend. It was neat to practice positions that served a particular purpose while in labour. Combine that with the labour preparation we will have with our doula, I should hopefully have lots of techniques to use in order to have a "pain medication free" birth.

Last week, I had a freak out about my Vbac. I became worried that I wouldn't be strong enough to go through with it. I thought of how disappointed I would be in myself. After being told that it is perfectly normal to doubt myself all of a sudden, and that I was a strong woman who is doing everything in my power to give us the best possible chance at a Vbac, I realized I was being quite silly.

I saw my doctor last week to have her sign medical papers in order to be excused from jury duty and she filled me in on a couple things. Since she was still unhappy with the information I got from the OB during my referral visit a couple months back, she decided to email him just to get a couple clarifications. As long as baby and I are healthy, they have no problem with me going to 42 weeks. If ever I had to be induced for a medical emergency, he will take care of that. He will see me regularly during my last month of pregnancy. He also explained to her that if I didn't want an epidural, that they had to respect my wishes. So yay! She is now more on board with my natural childbirth wishes!

More frequent doctor, OB, chiropractor and massage appointments, the holidays, and my 30th birthday will help the next 10 weeks zoom by! I wonder if I will remember to post updates more frequently?!?

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