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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Frazzled - So much to do yet so little time!

The moment has officially hit me that this baby will be here before we know it. Maybe it's the fact that I only have 25 teaching days left until I start my maternity leave. Christmas break is days after that, then only a couple weeks until our anticipated birthday. With so much going on over the next couple weeks, time will fly by and yet there is still so much to do!

Still need to finish all our holiday gifts. I have finally figured out what I will be giving. Some handmade and some bought. Now to get off social media ad get to work!!

We still need to redo the flooring In all our bedrooms. I really can't set up the baby's room (even though it won't be used for a couple months) until we get everything done. I doubt I will repaint the walls but I may add some new splashes of colour. We'll see I guess.

Still no word from the local midwife program so I'm still on a waiting list. I am attending a big information session do hopefully I will get some news.

I am possibly putting together a local vbac support group. We have had interest shown by a couple moms as well as a local doula who "specializes" in vbacs. Fingers crossed we can get something underway before mid January!

Oh and Abigail can totally fall asleep by herself now. This helps immensely when I am feeling quite tired. We can both go to bed at the same time. We no longer need to wait while sitting next to her for her to fall asleep. But more on that later!

Nothing else to say other than people are saying I'm big. Many think that I am ready to pop any day and are shocked to hear that I still have more than 10 weeks left!!!

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