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Monday, August 10, 2015

2 great weeks of running pregnant (weeks 6 & 7)

Although baby is the size a small pea and a blueberry, it sure knows how to suck the energy out of me.

Week 6 (18km) - Managed to get in 2 runs. Decided to join some guys from my marathon clinic and run a couple hills. They were running 9 hills I believe (they are both currently training for an upcoming full marathon) so I knew right from the start that I was not going to run as many as them. I ran 4. They were hard. And the weather was hot and humid. But the guys were nice and waited for me at the top of each one since I was obviously running them much slower than I was used to.

Then there was Not Since Moses. Back in the spring, I won registration for the race through a #runatcan twitter party hosted by @RunAtCan . Were it not for that, we never would have gone. It was a FANTASTIC run! We hung out with @RunAtCan and Shannon (@okanaganflower) before the race started. Probably my most challenging to date (even harder than my full marathon!) but it was a definite favorite. The small rocks, sand, mud, water, boulders... it was all great! I almost twisted both ankles but managed to stay up on both feet the whole time!
Keegan and I with Moses. About 1km left of the race.

Week 7 (20km) - Again, 2 runs. First was on a beautiful evening. After supper, decided to just go out and run down the hill along the water. Nice and simple.

Then my first long run in over a month. The temperature was supposed to be lower so I got things ready for an early morning 15k. I am pacing the 70 minute 10k group at Maritime Race Weekend so I really had to practice keeping a steady 7min/km pace. Worked out perfectly!

Managed to log in 84km in the month of July. Really need to step up my nutrition game. I'm still finding myself pretty tired. I'm sure that food is having an effect on that. Now that summer is slowly coming to an end it will be much easier for me to organize and stick to a meal plan.

Did you find it tough to get into a routine in early pregnancy?

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  1. I wish I had been able to work out more during pregnancy - I was ridiculously sick which didn't allow me to do much more than the bare minimum.