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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Running while pregnant

After running the Bluenose Marathon in May, I was on a total high. I loved it! Since it was such a positive experience, I immediately set my next goal: qualify for the Boston Marathon. I tapered tremendously in June while I recovered. July came around and I felt like I crashed. I tired running but just wasn't able to run like I could near the end of my marathon training. I decided to put my Boston dream on hold since I honestly believed that I would not be able to commit the time necessary to achieve my goal. Little did I know, the following week I would find out that I was pregnant.

Funny, the first question many people had for me was what it meant for my running. I had already put my Boston goal in hold so now my only goal with running is to stay fit and healthy. It's also great for my mental clarity. They often say that you can keep training as you were before pregnancy but that you must take precautions. You need to listen to your body. I will not run at the same paces I was back in May but I'm ok with that. 

This upcoming weekend, Keegan and I are running the 10K at the Not Since Moses race. It will be awesome to run together since we haven't in a very long time. I also still have plans to be a pace bunny for Maritime Race Weekend 10k. I can easily run it in under an hour and I'm pacing the 70 minute group so I have plenty of wiggle room to slow down.

Although I will not meet my 2015 goal of 1000 miles (I'm a mile 563), I will keep running as long as I can. We'll see how close I can get!

Did you train regularly during pregnancy?

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  1. I ran during both of my pregnancies - more during my 2nd. Had to stop due to too much pelvic pain :( But I did a lot of yoga and LOVED it!