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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Half marathon training through a deployment with 2 kids

More than 2 months ago, I got registered to run my very first half marathon. We watched Keegan run it last year. I'm pretty excited. Here we are now, less than 57 sleeps until race day and I haven't quite been able to train as much as I'd like. But I have figured out some things that will definitely help me from here on out.

As I discussed in my Energy Reduction Challenge update, the weather here this winter has been consistently cold, windy and snowy. Not stormy enough to prevent an experienced runner from hitting the roads but it was definitely enough to keep me away. Now that Spring has officially arrived and the temperatures are steady around the freezing mark, weather can no longer be an excuse!

When Keegan is home, it is easy for me to just get ready and head out. There is still another 26 sleeps until he comes home so until then, I need to take full advantage of all my childcare options. A deployment service at our local Military Family Resource Centre is Respite Care. I have 72 hours of child care at my disposal for when Keegan is away. I simply drop them off and can go running around town for 2 hours and NOT have to pay the 20$ charge. They love it there! Lots of new toys.

Citadel Hill - Hill training. Ran up this baby 14 times!

There are also my Inlaws. They live on the outskirts of town so this afternoon, when we meet them for our regular weekend dinner, instead of heading out to run errands, I will go for a run instead. It is a simple, relatively straight, 5km route into town. So we'll see how that 10K run will be today!

So as much as I'm not getting out nearly as much as I'd like, I'm making it work as best as I can. It's all about forming a habit. The more I use my time wisely and get out there, the easier it will be.

Are you a runner? Do you workout regularly?


  1. I am a runner. I try to be a runner. It is rough in the winter. I HATE running on the treadmill and we still have ice on the ground. I am dreaming of the ice melting and running outside again.

    1. I dont do treadmills either (because I don't have access to one). If I keep up with running and continue regularly into next winter, I may look at finding some little spikes that can attach to my sneakers to help with traction.