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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

20 chore Tuesday - "Yet another snow storm" edition

We have yet another winter storm arriving. Some are saying that it is the biggest one we've had in a  couple years. There is even lots of comparison to White Juan, a storm that rocked our province in 2004. With hurricane force winds and the possibility of close to 2 feet of snow, a little preparation is needed. Not so much as to what we'll do while we are stuck home for the day but in the event we lose power, our main focus will be to stay warm since electric baseboards are our only source of heat.

So here he is everything I need to do today to prepare for tomorrow

  1. Diaper laundry.
  2. Clothes laundry.
  3. Dig out warm blankets.
  4. Put flannel bedding on our bed.
  5. Close all curtains to help keep heat in.
  6. Keep the heat on over night throughout the whole house.
  7. Fill up the car.
  8. Ask one of the neighbour kids to take care of our driveway.
  9. Candles.
  10. Find a flashlight
  11. Charge all electronics (if we lose power and Abigail becomes restless at bedtime, the iPad will come in handy!)
  12. Make sure deep freeze is full.
  13. Take out any food that we'll eat that doesn't need to stay in the fridge.
  14. Dig out shovel from the shed.
  15. Put garbage cans under deck.
  16. Plan non cooking meals.
  17. Plan some new "no electricity needed" activities.
  18. Groceries
  19. Dig out winter jackets and boots.
  20. Read some SoDamnDomestic decluttering articles.
  21. Run the dishwasher
So hopefully it will just be like any other day at home. If we do lose power, well we'll just make an adventure out of it with lots of cuddles to stay warm!

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