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Thursday, January 16, 2014

My new planner.

There are some great apps out there that can keep track of everything and share with other members of the family. Our phones are linked and we also share a Cozi account so we can always double check with the others schedule before deciding on anything. But there is just something about a nice planner and your favorite pen that makes me want to sit down and plan everything. There never seems to be a planner that has everything I want in it so here I go making one perfect!

I wanted something that had a 2 page monthly calendar,  a page per week for planning, each week separated in 2 columns and with lots of lined writing space. This is pretty standard in most planners. I found Mom's Agenda 2014 at Chapter's this week on sale! It's great. Not only does it have the calendar items I want but also lots of other organizational pages too. It has pages for a monthly budget, spring cleaning checklists, kids' and mom's weekly routine. But I still want more.

I also would like a weekly cleaning checklist, weekly blogging topics, and a section for our meal planning. So I'm looking for some reproductibles now to print off. Since my planner is spiral bound, I can get the pages added and rebound at staples! Then I will finally have a planner with everything I want!

What must you absolutely have in a planner?

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