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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Challenge update - Getting things ready

So it has been a month now that I made the decision to reduce our home energy consumption. Small changes have been easy. There are still some big things that we haven't done yet. We will be making some more phone calls next week to book certain things. Here are the small things we have done recently to help.

  • Since it is too cold to put the clothes out on the line to dry, we have set up drying racks in Zachary's bedroom. The air is so dry due to our electric heat that the clothes tends to dry within 12hrs and help put some much needed moisture back into the air.
  • I am trying to remember turning off the lights when I leave the room.
  • I am opening the window curtains during the day (using natural light) and closing them at night (trying to keep more heat in)
  • Separating our laundry into heavy and light piles. The heavy adult clothes and cloth diapers get hung up to dry, and the lighter children's clothes go quickly in the dryer.
  • We keep electronics (like out coffee pot, toaster, bread maker, laptop) unplugged when not in use.
  • Use programmable thermostats.
Still left to do.
  • Use our ceiling fans to redistribute heat that has risen in the bedrooms.
  • Schedule a Home energy assessment
Once we have our assessment, we will then be able to complete more tasks to make our home more efficient.

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