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Friday, August 19, 2011

17 months coming to an end :(

My last day of work was the Tuesday after Easter weekend 2010, almost 17 months ago. Those 17 months have gone by sooo fast! I spent the first month preparing for baby, spent the 2nd month taking care of new baby (I really don't remember anything from this time) and then have had a blast watching Miss A grow into the intelligent lady she is today. This momma has learnt a lot since then as well. I now realize how little I knew before Miss A came along but since her birth, I have learnt so much about the best things I can do for her.

I am living a much greener life than ever before. I am an avid recycler (even known to go through our garbage after guests have left to sort it properly) and am slowly getting rid of toxins in our home. Once the cleaning wipes, baby wipes and cleaners are gone, I wont buy any more of them. Cloth and a bottle of vinegar is all I need! I am also trying to use less and less plastic (bye bye humongous Tupperware cupboard!) since there seems to be more and more recalls due to crap leaving the plastic then going into our food. Whenever the next baby comes along, not only will they be cloth diapered as well but I may also invest in some glass bottles for when mommy needs some time away.

Prenatal class doesn't prepare you nearly enough for the upcoming adventures in breastfeeding. Many moms are told they should pump or feed formula as early as the first day because of supply issues. In most cases, it's all about supply and demand. When I thought she wasnt quite getting enough, I would simply feed more often. The more interventions there are, the more likely that things wont "work" out properly. Some wean early because they return to work or because the majority of North Americans believe it is not right to nurse passed a certain age. We will keep going as long as she wants to. Why would I take away what is proven to be best for her?

Cosleeping. I loved having her sleep next to me at night. It was a sad night when she slept in her crib for the first time. After several months of sleeping steady through the night, then some time of waking up for 2 hour play time at 2 am, we have now settled into a groove where if she sleeps the night, great! But for the most part, she will wake up once or twice during the night and if I can get to her right away, she can be back to sleep in a matter of minutes. I no longer make an issue of having to get up with her during the night. There is no point of stressing over something I really have no control over.

My whole world will drastically change in 2 weeks. I will no longer be a stay at home mom enjoying our mornings cuddling in bed or hanging out on the couch watching cartoons. I will be dropping her off at daycare and will not see her until many hours later when we will rush home, make supper, do bathtime then go to bed. I'm some glad I refuse to do school work at home since all my free time will be spent hanging out with Miss A who I will surely miss very much during the day. Since her daycare is literally down the hall from my classroom, how many times during the first week of work do you think I will go down just to spy on her?!

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