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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

First night away.

I would say it was a definite success! For the first time in 15 months to the day, Miss A had her first overnight play date.

Before she was born, hubby and I made the decision not to introduce any bottles for at least 6 weeks. She got 1 when she was a day old because the nurses fed me the "she's too tired to feed properly... you should really start pumping" crap (oh that's a whole other can of worms I'll save for another post). I spent the first several weeks with her literally attached to me. Some people may mind not being able to go out and do some of the things they used to do before baby came around. I, on the other hand, was quite content being her only source of food. She needed me. My job was to give her not what was better for me but what was better for her. Some try to establish routines and feeding schedules... for us, she decided our routine of feeding when she was hungry which turned out every 2 hours. Throughout the night, I had to get up every 2 hours... you get used to it. She started to sleep a bit longer between feedings around the 2 month mark.

It was only around the 11 month where even though she woke up during the night, she didn't need to feed so needing me during the night was less and less. She was ready for a sleepover but this mommy simply wasn't. I know some parents that look forwards to time away much earlier than I did  just the same as I know some parents that still haven't spent a night away and their children at older than Miss A.

I kept putting it off but we had friends come to town on vacation. Plans were made to go downtown and dance the night away. Perfect! So I made plans. There was no backing out now. Dropped her off around supper time and left to her hitting the screen door saying mama. She had a great night and slept well all night. The moment I woke up, I hopped in the car to pick her up. The moment she saw me, she walked to me with her arms up. My big baby just wanted me to hold her. Other than missing her a couple times during the night, momma and baby did OK. People kept telling me that she was going to be fine but that was never my worry. I knew she would have fun and that she wouldn't cry all night and that she was safe. It was just me who simply did not want her to be away from me!

She will soon have another sleepover with my parents this time around before mom goes in for yet another surgery. I will hopefully be putting her into the MFRC occasional daycare over the next couple weeks. Work officially starts in 3 weeks where I will be away from her all day, every day! At least she will be just down the hall from my classroom so that transition for me shouldn't be too bad. After being with her every day for 15 months, the next month will be full of change!

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