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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Energy reduction challenge - 2nd update.

Alright. So we are about to get our 3rd statement of the year but before we do, I figured I'd take a look at the numbers for the 2nd part of the year. I was pretty bummed out when I first saw that our energy usage was up but decided to not give up my goal when I started looking at all the aspects.

Here's our energy usage for statement period compared with the same time last year.

Our use is up but so are the other homes. And we are still using less than other efficient homes according to Efficiency NS. I decided to go take a look at the average temperatures to see if that could have played a role and it did! The average temperature in 2014 for the 2 month period was 3 degrees Celsius colder than last year.

Looking forwards to the next couple statement periods, we should definitely see a drop. Since we are no longer paying to heat our home, we have consistently used less power year after year during the warmer months. We'll see what this year's numbers say soon enough!!

Our home energy report
Getting things ready


  1. Woohoo, you're doing great! I need to do this, too - our energy bills are crazy.

  2. Our heads are spinning with our latest bill! We are on the equal payment plan, and the adjustment period was up with this last bill - and... it skyrocketed! We pulled our old bills to compare energy use, and the really weird thing is that did not jump, and in fact was down for some months. The only change is in our area BC Hydro has installed the smart meter. Hmmmm. Now we have to follow up and get to the bottom of the leap in charges. :-/

    1. Thats crazy! It's a computer that does the new calculations here too. We saw a big jump as well for the present year (an extra 45$/month!). Our overall use did go up. If it hadn't, I would have called. You should too! It may be a mistake?

  3. Wonderful detail, we have a peek usage time line in our house... seems to be working, but how ever you cut it that Hydro bill sucks! As do all others really. ;)

  4. Good thing to track, I know this is an area I need to improve on for our house. Good luck with your tracking and progress!