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Monday, January 4, 2016

30 weeks pregnant. Finally an update!

Hard to believe my last post was over 4 months ago. This pregnancy has just been zooming by. With Abigail in school, and me still working and running, we will become a family of 5 before we know it!

Abigail in school
School has done wonders for our daily routines. We essentially had no choice but to jump on the wagon very quickly with homework and getting her lunch ready every day. She LOVES school so we never have to ask her to do her homework which is nice. I'm sure she is saving that battle for another year. 
It took us about a month to figure out how to prepare her lunches so that she'd eat it all. Everything in small "easy to eat" servings.  We've also been successful in creating waste free lunches for her. Everything is in reusable baggies or containers. The most garbage we've created is with cheese string wrappers (we've tried wrapping it ourselves but she's fussy like her mama;) ) 

Hard to believe that I was able to run right up to my 30th week of pregnancy. Winter has finally arrived here and since I'm not risking slipping on any ice, I've decided to stop for a couple months.  It's incredible when I realize that I've ran over 400km, 1 half marathon, 2 10ks and a 5k this pregnancy. I'll definitely be counting down the days until I can run again after I have Baby3. 

Still working part time. Still trying to work enough hours to qualify for maternity employment insurance. With another 30 days still to work, I doubt I'll achieve it especially since they can't call me the morning of to cover a teacher (too stressful to get both kids AND myself ready in such short notice) but at least the paychecks I'll receive leading up to this birth will be put to good use. 

Getting ready for Baby3
Over the last 5 years, I've learnt a lot about how you really don't need much for a baby. Boobs, diapers and a car seat are pretty much it. We still have newborn onesies and sleepers from Abigail and Zachary. I've purged our cloth diapers so I only have left what I'll use and need. And we just bought ourselves a new van today!!! Although the 3 kids could fit in our smaller hatchback, all our stuff or groceries could not so a bigger vehicle was definitely needed. 

So still left to do:
- Get a crib (take off a side and attach it to our bed for safe cosleeping)
- Strip and prepare diaper
- Wash newborn clothes
- Prepare food/meals
- Pack hospital bag

So really not all that much. But with maybe 2 months left, starting now will hopefully prevent the mad rush at the end. 

Well thanks for reading! Hopefully it won't be another 4 months until I write again!

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