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Sunday, June 9, 2013

My summer of solo parenting

So the military reserve summer deployments have officially begun. Keegan's schedule this summer is gone for 7 weeks, home for 2, then gone for another 3. Gone for 10 weeks total. I'm sure it will go by quickly. First week is done already!

We have many things on the go that will surely keep us very busy. Lots of new regular play dates are being organized. It will be good to get us all, Abigail especially, out of the house. We also have monthly events organized by our Military Family Resource Centre MCDV group.

Other than these activities, we have a couple goals to work on as well..
- Run 10km early August.
- Go back to speaking French full time with Abigail. 
- Major purge of toys.
- Cut out all GMOs from our diet and eat local foods. 
- Set up regular child care supplied by the MFRC to give me a break.  

Nothing too huge needs to be done this summer. We just need to relax, stay healthy and be happy! No problem there. I can do that!

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