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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Getting back to healthy living

Close to 2 years ago, we completely changed the way we eat. We cut out all processed foods and started to eat organic. It helped my husband lose almost 50 lbs and 10 lbs myself. Then I became pregnant. We continued to eat really well. Then I had Zachary and our healthy eating went off the deep end. Taking care of 2 children is incredibly time consuming (reason why I haven't really blogged much lately) and food preparation just hasn't been the same. Hoping to change that now.

We used to try buying organic when possible and purchasing our produce at our local farmer's market. But lately, it has just been easier to get all our groceries at either Costco or Superstore. If something was organic, great! But if it wasn't, then we would just buy the non organic variety instead of looking elsewhere. At least it was whole food but it always bothered me that we weren't eating as organic as we could be and we were exposing ourselves to dangerous chemicals that are found in our foods.

Today, there was a worldwide march against mega corporation Monsanto. For roughly 100 years, this company has been developing chemicals that are used daily all over the world. Now, they are genetically modifying organisms (GMOs) to create super foods. Since the company downplays the effects these chemicals have on us, the "March Against Monsanto" projects really wants GMOs labelled on foods so that consumers can make a valid choice in the foods we decide to consume. Zachary, Abigail and I were three out of 2 million people world wide who participated in a peaceful march to bring awareness of our cause to the general public. This event was really what renewed my desire to live as healthy as possible.

Keegan is home for just one more week before being deployed until the end of August. It will just be me and the kids. I will be in charge of all the food. I just need to figure out a weekly routine that allows me to efficiently get all the organic and GMO free foods from a couple locations and plan our daily meals. I need to contact a local farm to get a large freezer box full of beef, pork and chicken. I need to find easy to freeze simple fun foods that Abigail will love. I even wonder what Zachary's first food will be mid summer. Need to make these changes now because if we don't, who knows what will be out there for our future generations.

Information on GMOs

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