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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Early spring cleaning

Lots and lots to do this week. I really need to get organized and out together Abigail's task/behaviour chart. In order to do that, I need the chaos that we have lived in recently to calm down.

- mail diapers
- shower
- give Zachary a bath

Entrance way
- clear winter jackets
- clear boots
- purge shoes
- clean floor

- clear stairs
- clear car seat area

Living room
- organize diapers
- organize bench
- sweep floor
- wash floor

Laundry room
- cat box
- sweep floor
- wash diapers
- wash misc

My bedroom
- fold laundry
- put clothes away
- organize Zachary's small basket of clothes

Family planner
- table of content
- start organizing binder
- figure out Abigail's task/behaviour chart

There. That's on the agenda for tomorrow. Not too much to do. Hopefully we are up early since the earlier she is at daycare, the more time I have I myself at home to work in this list.

Wish me luck!!

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