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Monday, February 18, 2013

20 chore Tuesday.

My little buddy here is now 4 weeks old. My life has completely changed. When A was born, I remembered there being lots to do but not nearly as much as now. Maybe it's because K was home for the first 3 months. Maybe it's because there is one extra little human thrown into the mix. Most definitely a mix of both. Every day that I'm home, I have these grand plans to get a bunch of stuff done. Z always has other plans though. Hopefully with a relatively easy list, I can be productive. If so, I'm treating myself with a fancy smoothie!

Enjoy coffee and watch Big Bang with K

Put on laundry
Fold laundry
Put away 5 loads of laundry
Put away clothes storage bins

Clear stairs of clutter
Put away extra winter jackets
Wash floor at front door

Get to my Chiro appointment on time
Make much needed appointment for massage

Finish marking gr 9 tests
Finish marking extra assessments
Enter grades
Contact ressource teacher about coming in Friday afternoon
Send message to my replacement

Clean Z's eyes
Put in breastmilk drops
Massage tear ducts

Put together diapers
Locate all of Z's "soon to be right size" clothes
Work on Z's "I'm 1 month old" post

There. That is for the whole day. I think it will be possible since K is now home from work for 2 days. 12 more days before he is gone for a month with the boat so there will be many more lists of things to do before he leaves!

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