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Friday, September 21, 2012

The highs and lows of week 20

This week has been full of highs and lows.

Keegan came back home last week. He has been going out to sea with the military for years and years. Being gone for 11 our of my first 20 weeks for this pregnancy was just becoming tiring. Last week, I was finally able to feel baby moving around with my hands. He was also able to feel tons of kicks one evening. Great way to start the week!

We had our first official prenatal visit with our doula. We chatted for 2 hours. Her and Keegan laughed several times. I`m glad he likes her. Makes having her there on our big day much easier! She even gave me homework. Although my doctor was worried about my lack of weight gain, she was. She suggested I get a minimum of 80g of protein each day. So our big task for this weekend is to make changes to our monthly meal plan and to check out some local organic shops for protein rich snacks. My other homework tasks from her are to have the discussion with my doctor that (a) we will have a doula with us for labour and delivery and (b) that Keegan wants to "catch" our baby :)

My huge low was a sudden rise in blood pressure. With Abigail, my blood pressure rose to the high end of normal at about 34 weeks and I was put off work. Had a sudden rise at 38 weeks that led to me seeing black dots. I was told that evening that I would be having my baby that night. So it is no surprise that I freaked out a little when, as I was walking down the hall to my classroom, I started seeing loads of black dots for a good 5-10 seconds. So I went to the pharmacy during my lunch break and my bp was most definitely up. So I just took it easy for the rest of the day and stayed in my seat as much as possible. By supper time, it had come back down a bit and then yesterday, it was down to normal. We see an OB on Monday so we`ll see what he has to say about my bp.

After being absolutely exhausted for the first couple weeks of pregnancy, I have felt absolutely great since then. Well that changed Wednesday as well. Woke up with my body yelling at me to not move. I`m just tired. going to bed and falling asleep early at night isn't helping too much. Hope it`s not related to my bp.

So here`s to hoping the next couple weeks have no lows like this one had! To jump start them back to highs, going for a swim tonight. :)

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