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Monday, September 17, 2012

20 weeks!!!

Half way there! It's feeling more and more real now that baby is giving me big kicks and punches. Baby especially doesn't like it when I have to reach and put A in her car seat. The leaning forwards holding up her weight work my core muscles a bit too much for its liking I guess.

We meet up with our doula tomorrow evening. Excited for K to finally meet her. I hope he likes her! Maybe she will have some books she will share with us to read. There is a local doula who offers vbac preparation classes. She comes highly recommended by doctors and from our local birthy community. I have decided not to take them. I think with a vbac encouraging OB, a doula, my knowledge, my awesome Twitter vbac mommas and new information we will learn as we get closer, I should be good.

I have finally started swimming. I went twice this weekend. It felt great to get back into the pool (I used to be a lifeguard and swim class instructor). I only swam a couple hundred metres each time. It was awesome to just float around in my bikini sporting my big round baby bump. But once gravity jumped back into the mix when I climbed out, wow! My belly literally felt like a large bowling ball! With the swimming, prenatal yoga I plan on starting soon, AND a toddler to run after, I should be in shape soon enough.

My meal plan for September has had to change a little bit. Need to add more carbs for me since I still have yet to put on any baby weight. My belly is still getting bigger and bigger every week but I wold feel better if I could at least fill out my jeans a bit better!

During the next 20 weeks, I'm hoping to replace the flooring in the basement and in all the bedrooms, finish getting A's big sister room all set up, and also set up the nursery again. Cant think of anything else... that is unless I'm missing something huge.

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