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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

20 Chore Tuesday #3

Wrote this last night since I knew I wouldn't have time today. Going to be quite the busy day for me here at school. Lots of prep work ontop of regular home tasks. So here it is!
  • For home
  1. Doula visit!!!
  2. Fold laundry
  3. Put laundry away
  4. Clean bathrooms
  5. Tidy kitchen
  6. Put some of A`s clothes away in her new dresser
  7. Fold diapers
  8. Clean living room and play room for doula visit
  9. Clear through more paperwork
  10. Clear front entryway
  11. Continue flood diary
  12. Redo September's meal plan.
  13. Get cash
  14. Go over finances
  • For school
  1. Make quiz for gr 8
  2. Make assessment lists for gr 8
  3. Plan sections 5-7 for gr 8
  4. Plan ch 1 for gr 9
  5. Plan alternate schedule for gr 9
  6. Do section 2 activities for gr 9
  7. Do assessment grids for gr 8
  8. Gr 9 portfolio
  9. Send in martinity leave request

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  1. wow, what a busy day for you

  2. Doula visit! Sounds awesome. :) So exciting.
    Do you do an entire month of meal planning at a time?

    1. I plan an entire month just to have an idea of whats to come. I make small changes if needed. I find it easier for balancing out beef/fish/other meals.

      Very excited for dh to meet her!! It`s our first official meeting!

  3. Busy day! I am trying to get better at meal planning. Do you have a set list of recipes to work from or do you try new recipes all the time?

  4. wow, that is a crazy list! good luck on getting it done! How exciting that your dh is getting to meet your doula!
    Have a great (productive!) day!