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Friday, August 31, 2012

Nesting projects.

There are tons of projects I would love to do in our home. When I was 5-6 months pregnant with Abigail, I wanted to redo our living room. That is the room where I spend the majority of my time in so I wanted a change before A was born. So we ripped up the old carpet, put down new laminate flooring and painted. Keegan was away at sea that week so my sister came to stay with me for the month and she helped me renovate the room. She learnt how to operate the electric saw since I wasn't going anywhere near the dust. The room is great now with new floors that are way easier to clean!

Now that the midway point of this pregnancy is quickly approaching, I feel the need to take on another huge home project. There is painting to be done throughout the house, flooring to be replaced throughout the house and a garden expansion to get ready for the spring. Here's the list!
  • Replace basement flooring
  • Replace upstairs flooring
  • Expand garden boxes
  • Set up spare bedroom downstairs
  • Get pictures up along stairs and throughout house
  • New mancave furniture
  • New flooring laundry room
  • Paint Abigail's new room
  • Replace ceiling fixtures throughout home
  • Re carpet all sets of stairs
Keegan will only be home from sailing for a couple weeks this fall so we will have to choose which projects to complete carefully. I think we start with the basement. Get some nice "warm under you feet" cork flooring to replace the old forest green carpet and rearrange the spare bedroom to actually have some usable space. We can have a futon there for guests and maybe even set up a craft area (I'd love to learn how to sew!)

The only projects I don't see us completing before baby#2 arrives is redoing the stairs and upstairs flooring. What do you think?

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