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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Due Date

So I am at 6 weeks and 2 days... unless you ask my Dr.

Irregular cycles make dating a pregnancy difficult. By MY calculations, based on my ovulation day, I figured my EDD is early February. I went in for my first prenatal visit today and even though she is aware and we have been working on trying to normalise my cycles, she still insists that my LMP be used to decide my due date. That puts my due date a whole week ahead of time. You may be thinking that a week isn't that bad but since I'm aiming for a Vbac, it does matter. Since I can't be induced towards the end of this pregnancy (it increases my risks of uterine rupture), I either give birth naturally or we go in for another c-section. I'm starting to worry that doctors will say that I am so far passed my due date that I would need to schedule a c-section.

I will be going in for a dating ultrasound. Hopefully since it is still early, the results will be closer to my true date. If I`m not happy with the results, who knows what I will do to get my dates changed. Now if only I would have lied about my lmp, I wouldn't have this worry. I'm sure things will work out though. Must stay positive!

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