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I am a cloth diapering, breastfeeding, cosleeping, baby led weaning, extended rear facing, eco conscious, married mommy to two beautiful children. They have changed my view on the world we live in. It is now my number 1 goal to make it the best I can for them to grow up in. I find myself always rethinking how I want to live my life and often feel like sharing my findings and thoughts with others. So I guess here's my chance :o) I will talk about topics that interest me. If you dont like them or dont agree, well... there's nothing much I can do!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Wish I blogged more often

I truly admire you guys who blog on a regular basis. I wrote 6 posts back in August and once in December but other than that, nothing. Maybe I shouldn't over think it and just write shorts posts. Short posts are better than nothing right?! I would love to be able to put at least one out a week. Is that too much? Juggling work and home has filled my day to the brim. Wake up, get ready, work, make supper, try to entertain Abigail, then we all go to bed at the same time. Doesn't leave much time for anything else much less sit down and write about something.

And yet there is so much I could talk about! -Work. But I will actually stay away from that topic unless I want to risk my job. -Abigail. She is becoming so smart. Her vocabulary is expanding daily! -An update on my new year's resolutions. I have worked on them all! -My ever-expanding landscaping. Lots of new vegetables hopefully being added this year. -Eco-consciousness. All the little changes that we have made. -Complain. Well that topic list is unfortunately never ending.

Maybe I should start out with something really simple like posting a special picture once a week. Hopefully I will be pregnant soon since that will give me more options for a weekly post. Having 2 months off this summer should give me time to get into a routine. If you know of any other little topics that are easy to post about on a weekly basis, please share!


  1. I like to do a wordless Wednesday post with a picture of my kids, a random blab short post, a recipe i'm making, and some product that I'm loving. You can never go wrong with cute kid pictures :)

  2. You SO should do little short posts! I want to hear about the gardening. hehe